Pakistan’s mango diplomacy towards Bangladesh | By Md Pathik Hasan 


Pakistan’s mango diplomacy towards Bangladesh

ACCORDING to Bangladeshi media and Pakistan High Commission Office to Bangladesh,like last year, Pakistan Government has sent fresh Pakistani mangoes to the President, PM and other considered person’s of Bangladesh.

The President of Pakistan has sent gift of fresh world famous Pakistani mangoes to the President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has received it with the warmest appreciation on August 02. 2021.Mango diplomacy of Pakistan is known to all of us.

Pakistan’ s mango diplomacy surprised Communist China’s then chairman Mao Ze Dong and Chinese people in the 1960s decade. Pakistan is a source of a huge number of mango production.

Pakistan has been practicing its mango diplomacy since its early journey. Pakistan sends mangoes (king of mangoes) to the all friendly and neighbouring states every year.

Pakistan’s such gift to Bangladesh would deepen their relations. It is well recognized that Pakistan is the mastermind of mango diplomacy.

According to Pakistani media reports, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sent also special Bangladeshi Harivanga mangoes to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha as a gesture of goodwill.

PM Sheikh Hasina took an important initiative in case of Pakistan which reflects sincerity and friendship mindedness of Bangladesh PM to all actors in the world. Bangladesh PM would like to keep and strengthen ties with all South Asian states. It is proved by her mango diplomacy effort.

It can be great effort between both sides for the good relationship with Bangladeshi and Pakistani government.

It will also develop the good relationships with Bangladeshi and Pakistani people. In very near future, new generations of both sides want a better relations in economy, tourism, etc.

If the two governments try to make the good relations, people of both countries can get benefits from each other.

Imran Khan’s Government is trying her level best to develop a strong relationship with Bangladesh because it is very important for the mutual benefits and interest in different sectors.

There may be some problems between Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, these problems should be properly addressed by both parties.

Bangladesh is going to become a South Asian economic miracle. Bangladesh is lauded by international community at every international fora. Pakistan should build the strong relations to maximize its own interest.

Bangladesh and Pakistan both situated in South Asia. We can remember the Ping Pong diplomacy regarding the Sino-US ties in 1970.

Ping Pong (Table Tennis) diplomacy led China and the US to set up and strengthen the relations. The little initiative built the ties between China and the US.

We can also expect the application of another Ping Pong diplomacy such as mango diplomacy. Although mango diplomacy is a little initiative but its significance is vast.

This little initiative will turn into a great achievement for both sides.
Now we can expect some next steps. High level officials visits may be a step to strengthen the ties. The two PMs can exchange a visit to normalize the relations.

Decision makers of both countries also can exchange the visits. Pakistan can play a vital role in this regard.

Bangladesh is a peace-loving country. ‘Malice to none, friendship to all is the core fundamental foreign policy. It is a very liberal state.

Pakistan can take a great initiative to boost the relations. Bangladesh will observe 50th anniversary of its founding day. PM Pakistan is very interested and cordial to Bangladesh.

He can visit Bangladesh to mark the celebration which would be the milestone for Bangladesh-Pakistan ties. I believe that Bangladesh counterparts will see it very positive. SARRC summit (likely this year) may be a platform. But an effortful holistic diplomacy is needed to facilitate it.

Although Bangladesh-Pakistan has some strained relations in some fields. But time is changing. Bangladesh and Pakistan have to understand the present world scenario.

Both are South Asian country geographically. Pakistan may play a key role in the process. Bangladesh is going to be a South Asian Tiger in near future. Its economy is booming.

Bangladesh can also play a role to boost their trade ties.Pakistan should keep its relations with Bangladesh for its own interest. Bangladesh’s economy is booming. In near future, Pakistan may seek help from BD.

So maintaining ties with Bangladesh is essential for the betterment of Pakistan. There is huge potential between them. There are some harmonies between Bangladesh and Pakistan in the field of religion, culture.

Mutual trade, trans-national efforts in counter terrorism, regional connectivity may be some sectors.

Therefore, the policy makers of both states have to realize the situation. Mango diplomacy is a little initiate but its significance is vast.

This initiative can bring both under an umbrella in the case of bilateral relations. Both parties have to realize that. If the realization is positive, both the governments and people in states will be benefited.

—The writer is Dhaka-based NGO worker, freelance writer particularly on international issues.

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