Pakistani youth needs personal development & mental reconditioning for Startup Business


Expat Pakistani business expert gives recipe of success for young entrepreneurs

Zubair Qureshi

The only solution to financially empower the Pakistani youth that constitutes around 60 percent of population is to adjust this huge chunk of population in startups, entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Unfortunately most of the aspiring youth and their mentors even do not know much about what startup is or how entrepreneurship actually works.

Zechariah Janjua, expat Pakistani with rich experience in startup and entrepreneurship in the UK expressed these views during a media interaction.

He has not only learnt and experienced the above mentioned sectors but now he is leading it in UK with his own organization Dean Ventures.

The young entrepreneurs see from financial point of view only and leave the other important prospects undressed. Resultantly, finance is spent without sale and profit.

He suggested to the youth of Pakistan to come into Technology Startups, he said

He gave example of Amazon that is a technology business of trillion dollar thanks to its technology only. Facebook is another example of technology-driven business that engaged the whole world.

The youth needs to develop them personally with their mental conditioning. Starting a new venture is not an easy job, he said.

“You need to analyze the whole idea of your project with respect to available market,” he said.

To a question, he advocated connection and coordination between academia and industry to promote the entrepreneurship and start ups. He said that universities should develop a culture of entrepreneurship and latest technology.

Students should learn how to start a business with latest technology in their syllabus. Industry should guide the academia what are the trends and requirements of the market.

Mr. Janjua advised that startup and entrepreneurship needwd mental reconditioning first of all. One should know what one is providing to the market or the customer needs it or not.

Startup is a journey of basically 3 stages. Stage 1 is your idea and your team. Stage 2 is how you get response from the market in shape of buyers and the Stage 3 is when your product becomes the need of the market, he elaborated.

Mr. Janjua is in Pakistan to see what he can do in his homeland.

He is Executive Chairman of Dean Ventures, Social Impact Technology Venture Studio. He is graduate of Applied Computer Science of King’s College, London – a top-20 globally ranked university. Executive MBA from the prestigious Cass Business School in London.He has 22 Years of commercial experience working across 10 industries ranging Telecommunication, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics & Distribution, Education, Investment Banking, Insurance, Food & Beverages.


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