Pakistani students praise Chinese teachers


Our Correspondent


A number of international students particularly Pakistanis studying at Hunan Vocational College of Chemical Technology has praised their Chinese teacher for taking the utmost care of their food and looking after them during sickness. A group of nine Pakistani students who arrived to study in the college early this year had to face some problems due to the difference in language, culture, and customs.
However, Prof. He Jing, the class teacher, extended a meticulous care to the Pakistanis and other international students and helped them adapt the environment. In hearts of all these students, Prof He Jing is their ‘Chinese mother’, according to a report published in the local media here on Sunday. According to Prof. He Jing, ‘Caring the students must be like caring for her own children and she did the same.’
When Pakistani and other international students first arrived at the college, due to different eating habits, Prof. He Jing reported to the school leaders and opened a special window for them to eat delicious meals keeping in view their religious beliefs. Some international students did not adapt the wet weather, and soon fell ill and suffered from cough and a high fever. She not only took them to the hospital for treatment but worked as an interpreter because the patients and the doctors could not understand each others language.
Prof. He Jing also arranged food for them and spent three full nights in the hospital till the condition of the students declared stable. ‘We came to China far away, and Prof. He Jing gave our group the same sense of belonging’, one student said. ‘Teacher He Jing is the same for Chinese students and foreign students. Some international students did not arrive in time or went out in private.