Pakistani security forces fully capable of countering all kinds of threats: Nasir Shah


KARACHI – Sindh Minister of Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said the country’s armed forces are fully capable of countering any internal and external threat.

In his message on Pakistan Martyrs Day, the provincial minister said Pakistan’s armed forces are capable of dealing with all kinds of threats as he paid tribute to the martyrs of the Pakistan Army, Rangers and Police.

We are proud of our martyrs and Ghazi and the entire nation is standing with Pakistan Army, Shah said, adding that every Pakistani loves every officer and soldier of security forces.

The PPP stalwart called the sacrifice of martyrs a valuable asset. Lauding the efforts and determination of all law-enforcement agencies personnel, the provincial minister of the country’s southeastern region paid tribute to Ghazis and their families. The armed forces and the unity of the Pakistani nation are a leaden wall for anti-national elements, he added.

Pakistani troops who awake at night on the border to keep people safe from all kinds of threats are worthy of praise, and the support of the nation plays a vital role in raising the morale of the soldiers of the armed forces.

Nasir Shah also condemned May 9 events, calling them a conspiracy against the nation and its armed forces. If there is an army, then there is a country, and if there is a country, then we are [people], he opined.