Pakistani community celebrates safe return of Ali Al Jafari & Salem Al Jafari



Ali & Salem hail from Al Ashkhara which is in the Sharqiyah region had set for a fishing trip in the early hours of 9th of June and went deep inside the ocean to catch Tuna fish but around 5 in the evening upon their return a misfortune happened when the engine of their boat failed and their cell phones were also dead so they had no means to return or communicate and ask for help. Due to monsoon season it is quiet windy and their boat got drifted and sailed towards the west coast and kept sailing for another 6 days till it reached in the water of their neighboring country Pakistan, a fishing boat noticed them on the 9th day and rescued them hence after 9 days their connection was established with their families back home where a huge search operation was undergoing by the Royal Navy of Oman , Oman Fisherman’s Association and their family members who despite no success in locating them were hopeful that they are still alive and will return by the will of Almighty.

Pakistan Navy team who were already on the look around reached them upon establishing a contact with the Pakistani fishing boat who had rescued both Ali and Salem and took them to Karachi. Oman consulate in Karachi received them along with Pakistan Navy officials and later conducted a press conference at the Maritime centre.

Mian Mohammed Munir, former Chairman Pakistan Social Club had hosted this evening with Ali, Salem and their family members in Muscat to celebrate their safe return which was held at Al Murooj Hotel, Chief guest was H.E Rashid Abdullah Al Ghailani – Member Majlis Al Shura and Guest of Honour was Captain. KashifFarhan – defence Attaché at Embassy of Pakistan in Oman.

Senior community members and other dignitaries were also invited. Mr. Ghailani stated thanked Pakistan government and Pakistan Navy for their utmost support also speaking Captain. KashifFarhan said that we both the nations are not just neighbours but we are brothers and we are always there with our support. Counsellor Mr. Amjad Malik assured that they will grant visas to Oman Fisherman’s Association for their upcoming visit to Pakistan who will be meeting Pakistan Navy officials along with the fishermen crew who found and rescued Ali & Salem. Event was conceptualized by Maqbool Ahmed Sheikh & the managment team consisted of Arshad Ali Khan, Ch. Abbas, Nasser Marouf, Shabbir Ahmed, KashifZaeem, Mohd. Kaleem&ShaandarBukhari. Prominent community members AsifShakeel ,Ch Ashraf, Imran Iqbal, Abid Mughal, Dr. Sharif, Abdul RahmanGuloo, Ch. Asghar&Iqbalbhai of HaseenaJewelery also participated. Senior Pakistani community member SyedzadaSakhawatBukhari, philanthropist Mohd. Ali Fazal, Sheikh of Pakistani community Syed Fayyaz, YasinBhatti, Sheikh Abdullah Al Ajmi, SheikhaAzza Al Maqbali were also present while Omani poet Tariq Zaki recited a couplet written for Ali & Salem.


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