Pakistani charity honoured by Turkiye for quake relief efforts


An official announcement on Wednesday noted that Turkiye had recognised Pakistan’s humanitarian organisation Alkhidmat Foundation for their rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts during the devastating earthquake that claimed over 50,000 lives in the Eurasian republic and adjacent Syria.

Recep Tayyip Erdoan, the president of Turkey, presented it with the honorary title of “Supreme Sacrifice of the Republic of Turkiye” in recognition of its significant accomplishments.

Following the devastating earthquakes that struck the two countries in February of this year, the charity acted quickly to save many lives.

The statement claims that Ikramul Haq Subhani, the team leader of the 47-person search and rescue operation, worked nonstop for 10 days following the earthquake.

The group, known as “Pak 10,” worked with foreign partners and used cutting-edge equipment to find survivors and rescue casualties from the rubble, the statement continued.

According to the report, President Erdogan conveyed his sincere gratitude to the Alkhidmat Foundation and the people of Pakistan for their unflinching support throughout this trying time.

Subhani stressed “the deep bond between Pakistan and Turkiye, a connection that drives both nations to assist one another in times of need” in response to the president’s statements.

The president of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Hafeezur Rehman, thanked the volunteers of the organisation on earning the prestigious honour and said that “the award represents a source of pride for the entire nation.”

In addition to their activities in search and rescue, Alkhidmat Foundation also gave the earthquake victims with vital relief materials like food, tents, blankets, clothing, hygiene kits, and tarpaulin.

The statement said, “The charity’s tireless efforts have won them favour with the Turkish people and strengthened the close ties between the two countries.”