Pakistan under dictatorship in garb of democracy: Kamal


Pak Saezameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that Pakistan currently has the worst dictatorship under the covers of democracy.

He expressed these views while addressing the notables in District Central.

He said chief ministers of the four provinces have seized powers and resources and are not ready to devolve them to the grass root level which is against the spirit of constitution of Pakistan and the 18th Amendment.

“The current rulers cannot be called democratic because the PPP, PML-N and PTI are not ready to give powers and resources to their own local body representatives under the Local Government Act.”

He said the solution to Pakistan’s problems lies only in the well-thought-out constitutional way out proposed by the PSP.

Rulers should not look at who is saying but rather listen what is being said. The rulers should resolve the problems of the people and continue to rule.

He further said that PPP has been ruling in Sindh for 14 years. Despite receiving more than Rs 8,000 billion from the federation in ten years, the party has made Sindh an unlivable province.

“The PPP-led provincial government in Sindh is deliberately taking steps to perpetuate its rule, which is fueling prejudice, hatred and unrest in Pakistan’s economic lifeline.

The enmity and prejudice of PPP is evident from the pathetic socio economic situation of the city which contributes 90% revenue to Sindh.”


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