Pakistan to introduce China’s seed ID technology


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) signed a letter of intent with Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Seed Co., Ltd. this month on promoting MNP marker technology in Pakistan, a method to identify plant varieties, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday.

The method, developed by Jianghan University, China, can identify seed varieties at the molecular level and construct the DNA database of seeds, thus helping better protect owners’ Intellectual Property Right and reducing counterfeit and adulteration of seeds.

According to Mr. Zhou Xusheng, Director of Pakistan Business of the company, fake, low-quality seeds have been undermining Pakistan’s crop production.

With MNP marker method, the authenticity of seeds will be detected more easily and efficiently.For imported germ plasm resources, the technology can quickly clarify the intellectual property owners, distinguish essentially derived varieties from counterfeits, and encourage innovation in the seed industry.