Pakistan student develops smart cap for visually impaired people


LAHORE – A Pakistani student claims his innovation will end dependence of visually impaired people on canes used to detect obstacles while walking on streets and in markets.

Muhammad Ahmed bin Zia, who was working on his final year project, developed a smart cap that would alert the blind people from a distance of around 2.5 meters about any hurdle.

Equipped with sensors and vibrators, the Lahore-based student said that the cap can inform the users about hurdles in two ways – through vibration and sound.

Explaining his project, Muhammad Ahmed said that the cap detects anything coming in the way of some 2.5 meters, alerting the visually impaired people.

He said that vibrators have been installed on two sides – right and left – on the cap, adding both work separately when they detect any obstacle on their side. He said that both vibrators work together only when there is any hurdle on the front side.

He said that the sound device helps the users when they are unable to get indication from vibrators in crowded places.

Saying further working is required to refine the product, he aimed at distributing the caps among blind people for free of cost.

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