Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has decided to approbate a significant increase in charges for its facilities as the current economic climate of the country has finally bitten the sporting world.

Earlier, the federal government had decided to slash the federal funding to PSB, instead asking the body to generate its own operation expenditures.

The decision to increase charges for every facility will come as a blow to hundreds of thousands of athletes, schools, universities and general public members who regularly use the Pakistan Sports Board arenas for daily activities.

PSB itself generates significant revenue by lending its facilities to private sector users, which is likely to see a decrease after hikes in rates.

A memo has been disputed to all regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar as well, confirming the news.

The registration fees, membership fees, and the player’s accommodation charges have all been revised.

Renting out the Jinnah Stadium track will now cost the affiliated sports federation and bodies RS 30,000 per day instead of Rs 8,000 while the non-affiliated organizations, private schools, colleges and universities will have to cough up 70,000 rupees per day for the same ground, a massive hike from the previous 15,000.

Using the Liaqat Gymnasium will cost affiliated bodies Rs 50,000 from now on instead of Rs 30,000 while other organisations will have to pay Rs 100,000 instead of Rs 70,000.

The Jinnah Hall will now cost Rs 20,000 without AC and Rs 30,000 with AC for affiliated sports bodies and educational institutions while the non-affiliated members will have to pay Rs 50,000.

Rodham Hall and Hamidi Hall will also charge Rs 30,000 per day to members and Rs 50,000 to others.

All notable athletic events, both local and international, take place at PSB and the higher prices may force the respective federations to look elsewhere for cheaper alternatives.