Pakistan should focus on internal issues before trying to mediate between Saudi Arabia, Iran


Observer Report

Israel is trying to fuel the Iran and Saudi Arabia Conflict; hence Pakistan should focus on its internal issues instead of trying to mediate between them at external level. This was suggested by the country’s renowned intellectuals and scholars associated with journalism and education at a session organized by The Passage and Monthly Atraaf.
Karachi University’s Professor Moonis Ahmar from department of International Relations said the Iran-Saudi relations are not appearing to get better in near future because it seems there is no stabilization in Saudi Arabia. “There is kingship in Saudi Arabia and there are anti-state sentiments in different sectors, so Saudi Arabia is depending on America,” said Moonis.
He added that due to some events America and Saudi Arabia got distanced and this is also one of the reasons of skirmish between Iran and Saudi Arabia. “The real threat to Arab countries is Israel as Israel has taken many measures due to which the majority of Arabs has diminished in the West Bank,” said Moonis. He said Israel is now an acclaimed atomic power in the region so it is trying to further fuel the Iran-Saudi conflict. “Both the countries are opposed on the issues regarding Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Ghaza etc.

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