Pakistan rejects India’s ‘mischievous spin’ to Kartarpur fashion shoot incident

Pakistan denies Afghanistan's claim of TTP not operating on Afghan soil

ISLAMABAD – A senior diplomat from the High Commission for India was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conveyed Pakistan’s categorical rejection of the mischievous spin given by India to an isolated incident involving an individual at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib.

It was conveyed to the Indian diplomat that the incident was swiftly addressed and clarified. The Government of Pakistan accords highest primacy to the rights of the minorities. Sanctity of religious places and revered sites of every community is ensured in Pakistan.

The Indian diplomat was instead told to urge the Government of India to investigate the incidents of gross and systematic persecution of minorities in India which continue with impunity and state complicity.

Given its systematic marginalization and brutalization of minorities, India has no locus standi to even feign concern for minorities elsewhere.

Indian authorities must focus on ensuring effective protection of their own minorities and places of worship from repeated instances of desecration, hate crimes and mob lynching.

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