Pakistan opens walk-in vaccination for people aged 40 plus


ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar has announced that the walk-in vaccination facility for people above 40 will be started from May 12 onwards.

“Starting tomorrow the 12th of May all 40 plus who have registered will be able to walk into any vaccination center of their choice and get vaccinated,” the minister tweeted.

Vaccination centers are opened for this week and will only be closed for two days on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, the minister said.

In a series of tweets, he said that Pakistan witnessed a surge in deaths of people under the age of 40 years during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan.

“Only 7% of Pakistan population is above the age of 60 and 53% of all covid deaths have been in this age bracket. Conversely 77% of Pakistan population is below the age of 40 and only 9% of total covid deaths in Pakistan have been in this age bracket,” he said.

“Mortality percentage which has been less than 1% for people under 40, rises to 1.8% for 41-50, 3.8% for 51-60, 7.2% for 61-70, 11.1% for 71-80 and over 15% for those above 80,” the minister highlighted.

Therefore it is vital that vaccination is concentrated on the most vulnerable segments of the population, he said.

“Reason why we are opening vaccination based on age in descending order is due to finite availability of vaccines globally, as well as vaccination capacity in the country. Both supply of vaccines and vaccination capacity are continuously increasing with concerted efforts,” he said.

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