Pakistan Kissan Ittehad rejects proposals of imposing GST on agri


President of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad Khalid Mehmood strongly reject the mini budget proposals of imposing GST or withdrawing the exemptions of agriculture sector. He said this in a statement issued on Wednesday.

The cotton crop, Pakistan is struggling to revive for the last many years, has taxed to its every bi-product even the benola-oil dirt is also taxed by 17%. The edible oil Pakistan is thriving to enhance its production by giving subsidies has been taxed oil, oil-cake and and seed.

How come a domestic inflation can be controlled when vegetable seeds are taxed and will have escalated cost of production. How come we make our dream come true to mechanize productivity when all implements and agriculture equipment are heavily taxed.

The Finance Minister not paying any attention that the Agriculture which gives highest employment opportunities in rural areas would be suffering due to the heavy taxation of mini budget. The sector which helped to cope with Covid 19 pandemic situation and saved this nation going without food in rainy days of 9/11 or atomic explosion when other nations tried to isolate Pakistan.

This is matter of great concern that instead of managing administrative issue to fertilizer shortage and black marketing, which will result in lower productivity due to short usage, trying to vanish the agriculture by loading heavy taxes on the sector. I would urge government to put its house in order, snip mafias wondering around and support agriculture.


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