Pakistan isolation


The Government of Pakistan is doing best to highlight India’s unilateral steps in the India-occupied Kashmir. Parliament has passed a unanimous resolution against changing the legislative status of occupied territory. In the light of decisions of National Security Council government has expelled Indian High Commissioner; Trade and Samjuhta Express have been suspended; army is on high alert.
The decision to take the matter to the UN Security Council is also right step because UN acknowledges the disputed nature of Kashmir. But all these steps are symbolic and cannot make any harm to India. Though India has requested Pakistan for normalizing diplomatic ties and resumption of trade but this does not mean that India is worried by our moves his request is only an effort to show to world how is he eager to have good relations with neighbours. The reaction by international community is very disappointing from a Pakistanis point of view and this is energizing Indian nefarious designs. The big powers are emphasizing to maintain peace and stability they are not interested to take notice of annexation of occupied and disputed area by India. OIC is silent.
Reaction of the United States, which was some days before interested in mediation between Pakistan and India, is dumbfound and amazing. The State Department simply said “Indian government has described these actions as strictly an internal matter”. This reaction is a clear message to Pakistan that we should not keep any hope from Washington on this issue. Some international organizations expressed their reservations but their focus is on human rights violations and they are also not concerned with revoking of special status of Jammu and Kashmir and separation of Ladakh.

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