Pakistan imports 3,000 tonnes of Afghan coal per day


According to the reports, Pakistan is using Afghan coal for power plants in various cities.

Pakistan is importing around 3,000 tonnes of coal from Afghanistan each day and this is expected to jump to 20,000 tonnes after the beginning of a coal operation from Kundian in Mianwali district and Sibi in Balochistan, Pakistani media reported, citing the country’s officials.

According to the reports, Pakistan is using Afghan coal for power plants in various cities. The Afghan Ministry of Petroleum and Mines said there is no official contract with the Pakistan government or any Pakistani organization regarding the export of the Afghanistan’s coal.

“We don’t have any contract with any foreign country or any foreign company about the coal. Of course, we have our sales to the private sector and companies and traders,” said Islmatullah Burhan, a spokesman for the ministry.

Economists said that selling Afghanistan coal for Pakistani rupees affects the Afghan economy. “The sale of the coal with Pakistani rupees to Pakistan is an illogical economic movement, I think. This belongs to Pakistan and will benefit Pakistan, but the Afghan government should not do such a thing,” said Sayed Masoud, an economist. This comes as the Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Mines expressed concerns over the increase in the price of the coal.

“We hope a plan will be formed in which the price will not be very high,” said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, deputy head of the ACIM. Earlier, Pakistani officials said that Pakistan would make $2.2 billion in savings annually from importing the Afghanistan coal because it us buying in Pakstani rupees to save on conversion costs.—Tolo News

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