Pakistan fully stands with their Kashmiri brethren: President


President Dr. Arif Alvi says Pakistan fully stands with their Kashmiri brethren and will continue its moral, diplomatic and political support to them.
Addressing a seminar on human rights in occupied Kashmir in Karachi on Saturday, he said worst human rights atrocities are being committed by the occupation authorities in occupied Kashmir. He said India cannot suppress the Kashmiris’ just struggle of right to self-determination through brute force.
Throwing light on the worst form of racial discrimination engulfing India, the President said the internal turmoil in that country will eventually lead to its destruction.
He said minorities in the neighbouring country are fear of persecution by the dominant majority of Hindus. He referred to recent verdict of Indian Supreme Court on Babri Mosque which was demolished by Hindu bigots in 1992. He said even the Supreme Court of India seems influenced by the Hindutava ideology prevailing in the country under the BJP-led government.
The President urged the international community to play its due role in impressing upon India to ensure the human rights of Kashmiri population.
Dr Arif Alvi said Pakistan has been at the forefront of protecting human rights. Dr. Arif Alvi said Pakistan has hosted three point five million Afghan refugees for decades.
Meanwhile President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed the need for fully utilizing the latest technology to get access to the information.
Addressing Josh Malih Abadi conference in Karachi on Saturday, he pointed out that internet and other electronic instruments have made the access to information and knowledge very easy.
The President said poets like Josh Malih Abadi through their revolutionary poetry raised awareness amongst people on important matters. He said their contributions will be remembered for centuries.—INP

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