Pakistan extending urgent humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan


Pakistan was not only constantly urging the international community to come to the urgent aid of Afghan people at a critical time but was continuously sending humanitarian assistance and taking other measures to help them.

The Pakistan-Afghanistan Cooperation Forum had held free eye camps in Khost and Kabul cities of Afghanistan where 1820 patients were checked and another 219 went through eye surgeries during the first two days.

The forum organized the free eye camp at Public Health Office in Khost from November 18-20 and would hold a similar facility from November 22-24 at Jinnah Hospital Kabul.

The patients coming from nearby and remote areas of Afghanistan had expressed satisfaction over the treatment by Pakistani surgeons without any charge.

According to the forum, as the winter season was approaching, a humanitarian crisis, particularly related to health, looms over Afghanistan. It was high time for the international community to come forward and serve humanity.

An Afghan patient present in the medical camp said, “Before that many Afghan eye specialists checked his eyes and diagnosed cataract.

When I came to know about the free eye camp by Pakistani authority, I visited it and after the check-up, the operation was done successfully without any charge”.

He thanked the Pakistan government and the doctors and said, the estimated cost of operation was about Rs 40,000.

Pakistan Afghanistan Cooperation Forum was playing an effective role after the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan.

The forum had already sent hundreds of tonnes of edible items and essential goods for the people of Afghanistan.

From September 9 till Oct 16, Pakistan has dispatched humanitarian aid including, food, essential medicines, tents and blankets through 84 truck loads and four C-130 aircraft of for the Afghan people.

Besides Prime Minister Imran Khan, International humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned the world of a humanitarian crisis as harsh winters approach.

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