Pakistan congratulates UAE on successful Mars mission

Staff Reporter

Pakistan has congratulated the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the outstanding success of the Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe. In a tweet, Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said it is a testament to the vision of the UAE leadership, and a pride for its people, as well as Muslim Ummah. Earlier the United Arab Emirates “Hope” probe on Monday had successfully entered Mars orbit, making history as the Arab world s first interplanetary mission.

The probe was designed to reveal the secrets of Martian weather, but the UAE also wants it to serve as an inspiration for the region s youth. “To the people of the UAE, to the Arab and Muslim nations, we announce the succesful arrival to Mars orbit. Praise be to God,” said Omran Sharaf, the mission s project manager. Officials at mission control broke into applause after the probe entered orbit, visibly relieved after a tense half-hour as the probe carried out a “burn” .