Pakistan condemns Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia


Pakistan on Tuesday condemned the recent attacks launched by a Houthi militia against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in particular the projectile fired by the group that injured five civilians in a border village in the Jazan region.

“These attacks not only violate the territorial integrity of the kingdom but also threaten the lives of innocent people,” the Foreign Office observed in a statement.

“Pakistan calls for their immediate cessation, as it stands in solidarity with Saudi Arabia.”
According to the official Saudi Press Agency, five people were injured when a missile launched by Yemen’s Houthi militia fell in the Jazan region in the southwest of the country.

The media spokesman for the Directorate of Civil Defense in Jazan, Col. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Ghamdi, said the authority received a report about a missile launched from Yemen toward one of the border villages in the area.

“Upon arrival at the site, it became clear that the military projectile had fallen in a public street, resulting in five civilians being injured,” Col. Al-Ghamdi said.

“Two houses, a grocery store, three vehicles, and several materials were damaged from the flying shrapnel,” he added.

In this context, Pakistan called on the Houthi militia to also halt its attacks on the Maarib governorate in Yemen.

“We reiterate our call for a comprehensive political solution to the conflict in Yemen through peaceful means,” its official statement added.—TLTP