Pakistan, China get connected through cross-border optical cables


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As many as 17 cross-border optical cables have been put into service in Xinjiang Autonomous region, connecting China with Pakistan and some other neighboring countries.
This was stated at a news briefing by Shohrat Zakir, chairman of the Xinjiang regional government while highlighting the region’s recent achievements in promoting peace, tranquility and prosperity. Giving credit of the achievements to the Central government and the leadership of the Communist Party of China, he said there has been fast development in the recent years, improving the socio-economic life of the people.
Shohrat Zakir who was accompanied by other seniors officials Alken Tuniaz and Zhang Chunlin said that the religious freedom and tranquility were being upheld, while making considerable progress in eliminating terrorism in its all forms and manifestation.
About the vocational education and training centers in the region, he said the majority of the people receiving training from there can find suitable jobs and earn a satisfactory living.
The graduates from these centers have started to play a positive role in Xinjiang’s development. “They have also helped others in finding better jobs and pursing a better life,” he said.
According to Shohrat Zakir, in the economic sector, Xinjiang region continued to pursue mutual benefits and promote trade. Since 2014, they have established 2,451 railway services to link western neighboring countries with an average annual growth of 100%.
In recent years, a total of 1,002 railway services were launched in Xinjiang to connect 26 cities of 19 countries in Central Asia and Europe.
The Chinese nation, he said is a family where we are making concerted efforts to achieve our Chinese Dream. At such a historic point in time, we will continue to bear in mind our original aspiration and mission, carry out the Party’s Xinjiang governance strategy under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.
They have focused on the overall objective of social stabilization and lasting stability and durable peace, insist on rule of law, ethnic unity and long-term construction in the region, strive to build a united, harmonious, prosperous, civilized, and progressive Xinjiang based on socialism with Chinese characteristics and strive to write a good Xinjiang chapter in the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, he added. Xinjiang’s economic development has realized a historic leap. Its GDP increased from 791 million yuan in 1952 to 1.2 trillion yuan in 2018.
Adjusted for inflation, this represents a 200-fold increase, with an average annual gain of 8.3%. Xinjiang’s per-capita GDP rose to 49,000 yuan in 2018, from 166 yuan in 1952, and that’s approximately a 37.7-fold increase in real terms, averaging 5.7% annual growth.
Xinjing boosted financial cooperation and innovation. In 2016, Pakistan’s Habib Bank set up a branch in Urumqi, he added.

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