Pakistan-China friendship should be passed on from generation to generation


A young Pakistan businessman settled in Changsha, Hunan province of China has a plan to organize a visit of young Pakistanis to China after Covid-19 pandemic aimed at passing on Pakistan-China friendship from generation to generation.

Haky, a young Pakistani, who has started his own business in Hunan province, is engaged in international trade and the business of his company covers mechanical equipment, electronic products, building materials and new materials.

“Mixers and other construction machines are highly needed in Pakistan and other countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The construction machines made in Hunan are very famous and I want to find some suppliers,” Haky told CEN on Saturday.

It is not easy for anyone to start from scratch, especially for a foreigner like Haky in China. “At the very beginning, I neither knew the market nor had any resources or friends. It was very difficult to get or close a deal,”said Haky when he recalled his path of entrepreneurship.

Haky’s international trade company is settled in Hunan-Africa Enterprise Cooperation Center based in Changsha, capital of Hunan.

The center, as the key platform for Changsha to integrate into BRI, provides 21 kinds of services for foreigners in China, including company registration, legal consulting and business tour.

The local government and relevant departments approached and invited them to take part in various business activities and gave guidance on starting business.

“I told the center that I want to contact some Chinese manufacturers of Electric Vehicles as the Pakistani government has a plan to purchase Electric Vehicles.

Soon, the center introduced BYD Auto and others to me,”Haky said. “I feel the warmth of home in Hunan,”said Haky.

He added that “Compared with the first-tier cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, the developing Changsha offers more jobs and investment opportunities for foreigners and also has more advantages for imports and exports trade.”

Haky likes Hunan and thinks that it is “very open”, full of development opportunities.
After living Hunan for many years, Haky has been accustomed to the spicy food here. What’s more, he loves people here.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in China, the anti-pandemic materials was badly short.

Haky immediately went to Pakistan to buy 3,000 face masks and tried his best to make them arrive at Hunan ten days ahead of the original date.

He said, “The epidemic knows no borders. Hunan is my second home. When family members are in need, I’ll do my best to help them out.”`—APP

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