Pakistan backs China  


PAKISTAN, speaking for 55 countries at a UN panel, has said that Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal matter, and underscored the importance of non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states – a basic international norm. Ambassador Munir Akram, the Pakistani permanent representative to the UN, was responding to a statement made by Germany, on behalf of a group of mainly western countries that expressed concern at the impact of China’s new national security law on human rights in Hong Kong.
As pointed out by Pakistani envoy at the UN, Hong Kong is inalienable part of China and its affairs are an internal matter of China that brook no interference by foreign forces but regrettably some western countries continue making efforts at fanning trouble in HK on the pretext of human rights. Selective use of the human rights card is also unfortunate as these countries have closed their eyes towards discrimination being meted out to minorities especially Muslims in Europe and in the United States. They are also not taking notice of the grave state-sponsored human rights violations like running of Guantanamo Bay torture camp. Their concern about the human rights situation in HK is nothing more than their desire to create hurdles in the way of a steady march of China on the road to economic development through its policy of peaceful co-existence. The fact that Ambassador Munir Akram spoke for 55 countries on the issue of Hong Kong is clearly a manifestation of proper understanding of the situation by right-minded nations of the world. These supported China’s “one country two systems,” policy and stressed that legislative power on national security in any country rests with the State.
Explaining rationale of the measures taken by China vis-à-vis HK, Munir Akram, who has full grasp of the entire situation, pointed out that the enactment of the law of the People’s Republic of China on safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a legitimate measure which ensures one country, two systems goes steady and enduring, and that Hong Kong enjoys long-term prosperity and stability. China is fully entitled to take measures that it deems necessary to safeguard its national interests and those of the residents of Hong Kong. Improvement of security conditions and the existence of peaceful environment would enable people of Hong Kong to play their role in taking the region to new heights of economic development. Those who are resorting to violence and creating troubles are, in fact, playing in the hands of some foreign powers that have their own agenda of pressurizing China through all possible means. Majority of people of HK are peaceful and hopefully with their cooperation, Beijing would be able to thwart designs of mischief-mongers. China’s UN Ambassador Zhang Jun also spoke firmly on the issue and categorically rejected the disinformation that some countries were spreading to discredit China and attempting to meddle in its internal affairs, using the excuse of human rights. Pakistan has also done well by defending the cause of its sincere friend at the UN.