Pakistan army one of the best fighting forces, says AJK PM


Pakistan army is one of the best fighting force in the world and it has efficiently faced the challenge of terrorism, said Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan. Addressing a special functional organized by the Loyalpur Warriors to pay tributes to the families of martyrs of Pakistan armed forces. He said that Pak force had foiled many aggressive attempts by the Indian particularly at Line of Control (LoC).

He said that Abhinandan had become a symbol of moral and ethic values of Pakistani armed forces. He said that 900,000 Indian boot-force has unleashed barbarism in Indian occupied Kashmir. “Indian force is involved in worst type of human rights violation but they failed to crush their struggle for an independent homeland”, he added. He said that Pakistan force was very near and dear to him and he always tried to participate in its meetings.

The budget session of Azak Jammu & Kashmir had just been concluded but he preferred to participate in this meeting to pay his tributes to the families of the martyred Jawans of Pakistan Army. Continuing, he said that Azad Kashmir started from glaciers and stretched of the borders of Sialkot. His elders had offered sacrifices for an independent homeland, he said and added that Pakistan had been created in the name of “Kalima Tayyabah”, but attitude of Hindus towards Pakistan always remained discriminatory.

He said that India was dependent on fake propaganda but could not deter our fortitude. He said that all rivers emanated from Kashmir and hence India must accept their right of freedom to the Kashmiris. He said that 270 million Muslim lived in Hindustan and if they stood up, it would be a doom day for India. About Azad Kashmir, he said that promoting tourism in addition to inviting investors to setup their industrial units.

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