Pakistan a dangerous country: Joe Biden | By Brig Tariq Khalil (R)


Pakistan a dangerous country: Joe Biden

A lot is written and spoken. Yet every time it’s examination project a horrific strategy of Mr Biden.

His long career manifests coups and wars. Middle East has become a ruin during his Vice Presidency.

His recent statement on Pakistan is continuation of his strategic perception of the world. Was it off the cuff? A policy statement? Or, it is reiteration of long-term assessment of US policy makers. For Pakistan, it is not new.

The US think-tanks in their policy papers, Pentagon and US Commanders during Afghan war have been uttering such statements repeatedly.

They never minced words, it is we, as a nation, who remained in fictional romance. The moment Pakistan was born, it faced existence threat.

India refused to release our share of ordnance. What little army we inherited got embroiled in refugee security and safe transfer of population in divided districts and from elsewhere in India to Pakistan.

Alliance with USA in the fifties was a calculated diplomacy to strengthen the defence forces which were small in number and devoid of any equipment against growing Indian aggressiveness.

It was not a compulsion at that time. It became so in recent past due to corruption, governance and power struggle of the Pakistani ruling elite. (US and Pakistan exchanges in the fifties since declassified).

There is no doubt Pakistan defence forces were modernised during this period. It is easy to criticise after lapse of seventy years. Global geo-strategic map changed after World War-II, it was the period of alliances.

Even India on face of it made itself part of non-aligned bloc, yet it was fully benefitting from Soviet weapon largesse, a romance still persists.

Both the Soviet Union and India were using this non-aligned platform to benefit each other diplomatically, politically and strategically.

Not only Egypt and India were fully aligned to the Soviet Union at that time but claimed themselves torch bearer of Non-Aligned Bloc.

It was diplomacy par excellence on the part of Nehru, the then Prime Minster of India. Indian penetration was deep in the Soviet bureaucracy and socially, it even continued after break up of the Soviet Union in the late nineties.

Russian Companies were refusing to do business with Pakistan under Indian influence. At the same time Indians were going to the US in droves for education and migration.

Indians were also quick to adopt American way of life. They were penetrating in the system and body politics.

The result, after seventy years, the third generation of Indian American is VP of the US. Indeed, it is a remarkable feat.

Indian Americans filled the space created by Americans youth drifted away from higher education and hard work.

Contrarily, Pakistani Diaspora remained mired into socio, religiosity and lacked in higher education.

They remained satisfied remaining aloof and at lower strata barring few individuals. It is in the eighties Pakistani emigrants realised the shrinking space vis-a-vis Indians.

A large number who went for education in the eighties and many settling there realised this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, a large influx of Arabs, African and Mexican settlers rang the danger bell in white middle America.

Trump’s success thus was on nationalist agenda. Torch-bearers are middle Americans. It has created a large degree of polarisation. In the follow-up of 9/11 Afghanistan, Pakistanis became prime target.

American society on surface is democratic but sadist and intolerable under the skin. As Pakistan was important for the US in Cold War, it became more relevant in war against Soviet Union and a love bird.

Later during Afghan civil war among factions. In the follow-up of 9/11 invasions of Afghanistan under the garb of UN resolution, Pakistan has been a base camp.

A shameful defeat after twenty years of war left not only ruined Afghanistan, it inflicted heavy cost on Pakistan.

Pakistan besides huge economic losses had to face spectre of terrorism nurtured by CIA, RAW and Mossad threatening even its existence.

Pakistani defence forces and resilience of Pakistani nation defeated this menace, historic from any angle in geo-strategic parlance.

Notwithstanding economic and human losses it made Pakistani nation war hardy and it realised its inner strength.

Factionalism and tribalism apart Pakistan started emerging a strong county, a professional army, with nuclear capability.

It was against all US wish mongers to keep Pakistan subservient. Pakistan is the greatest hinderance against Indian hegemony being propped up against newly emerging world power China and new world order.

Result, fifth generation war has been unleashed in Pakistan to weaken it internally to an extent it follows US dictates on one side and accept Indian hegemony. Noam Chomsky, Daniel Seth Markey and scores of US authors laid open the road-map. Two things happened, China entered in a big way by signing huge infrastructure development programme by way of CPEC part of BRI in Pakistan, and defence cooperation.

Second, the extended hand of Russian Federation. These developments are not acceptable to the US. Further the emergence of PTI factor, a third political force.

It transformed the youth mindset in a way never envisioned. Pakistan for Pakistanis created shock waves among US planners.

Thus a pliant regime was necessary. The experiment from day one ran into unexpected reaction amongst the people of Pakistan.

They rejected the regime mired in corruption. More than half the population is young and vibrant.

Race, sect, tribal divisions, social disparity and gender could not stop this newfound realisation in youth.

Pakistan for Pakistanis is a buzzword. Farther a figure was needed and PTI Chainman filled this gap.

Political elite a la old style still sticking to old classical mindset could not comprehend and not ready.

Even the analysts and writers fail to comprehend the change. It is this phenomenon which has left US thinkers and planners totally confused and bewildered.

Yet, US is known for dumping unpopular rulers. Their geo-strategic goals do not permit a country with strong professional army, with nuclear capability waver away from their orbit.

It is simply not possible for them to accept. Especially, they have deep rooted penetration in politico and social spectrum in Pakistani society.

Their leadership and analysts find themselves amiss how to control rising Pakistan. Pakistan army is centre of gravity and thus prime target.

This is the frustration forced Mr Biden to utter these words. Love hate relationship has been the norm.

Pakistanis be ready for sacrifices in looming futuristic scenario if they have to survive as nation.

It is important for political leadership to realise the clouds on the horizon. New world order lines are redrawn.

Ukraine-Russia conflict and involvement of EU going to create new challenges for countries like Pakistan.

Politicians must realize that their politics is subservient to existence of Pakistan. Otherwise in geo-strategic grind they will crush us.

—The author is a senior decorated veteran of 1965 and 1971 wars and backed by 26 years of Corporate Experience.A senior TV Analyst opinion writer.He is member of Karachi Editors Club.


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