Pak took sovereign decision to import Russian oil: US


The US spokesperson Vedant Patel, expressing views over the oil import deal between Pakistan and Russia, has stated that Pakistan took a sovereign decision as “Each country is going to make its own sovereign decisions relating to its energy supply.”

Pakistan had confirmed its first-ever order to import crude oil from Russia as it seeks cheaper fuel options in the face of macroeconomic challenges. The first oil ship will arrive at Karachi port in mid-May.

During the daily news briefing in Washington on Tuesday, a journalist asked about America’s reaction to Pakistan’s recent purchase of its first oil ship from Russia.

He said one of the reasons that the United States, through the G7, has been a big proponent of the price cap is to ensure that steps are not being taken to keep Russian energy off the market because we understand that there is a demand for supply.

“We also need to take steps to ensure that Russians – Russian energy markets are not turning out to be a windfall for Putin’s war machine. And so, again, countries will make their own sovereign decisions. We have never tried to keep Russian energy off the market,” he added.