Pak puts India on backfoot by aggressive diplomacy at UN


Observer Report

United Nations

Pakistani Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi has underscored the need for ensuring that the crisis triggered by India’s revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’ special status is addressed in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolutions as she met the U.N political affairs chief on Thursday amid intense diplomatic activity, according to informed sources.
Her meeting with Rosemary DiCarlo, Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, was part of a series of contacts she has been making to brief senior UN officials and diplomats from all regions of the world about Pakistan’s stand on the Indian government decision to strip occupied Kashmir of its special status and placing the disputed state under a lockdown.
A statement issued later on behalf of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres acknowledged the critical importance of UN resolutions on Kashmir to deal with the crisis.
Ambassador Lodhi also met three non-permanent members of the UN Security Council — Kuwait, Indonesia and South Africa — as India, obviously on back foot, also stepped up its campaign to have the world believe that the decision was taken for the socio-economic development of the Kashmiris, and that they enjoy the same rights as the Indians.
Briefing Under-Secretary-General DiCarlo, the Pakistani envoy focused on the illegality of Indian action, and called on the United Nations, especially the Secretary-General, to clearly enunciate its position on the subject, according to the sources.

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