Pak military behind Afghan Army defeat US lawmaker’s claim rejected

Observer Report

Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan has termed the US lawmaker’s claim that Pakistani military strategy led to the defeat of Afghan Army at the hands of Taliban, baseless and beyond recognition.

In a letter addressed to Republican Congressman Mike Waltz, a former US Army officer who served in Afghanistan, he was of the view that both Pakistan and the United States have been working together towards an inclusive political settlement in the war-torn country.

Asad Majeed further stated that the two countries share a fundamental interest in ensuring that Afghanistan would never again become a sanctuary for terrorist groups.

He said the contention that Pakistan’s ‘military strategy’ was somehow the decisive factor in defeat of the 300,000-strong Afghan Security Forces, does not square with the US government’s own assessments about the issues of low morale, desertions, and ‘ghost soldiers’ that had long plagued the Afghan forces.

The Ambassador to US said that Pakistan’s leadership on its part has consistently made it clear that it has no favourites in Afghanistan and would work with any government in Kabul that has the support of Afghan people.

Asad Majeed said Pakistan joined the United States, China, and Russia in explicitly opposing any effort to impose a government by force in Kabul.

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