Pak exports reach to $2.35b, highest figures in July

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Trade and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Monday said that Pakistan’s exports figures during the first month of the cur-rent fiscal year reached to $2.3 billion, the highest figures in July.

Addressing a joint news confer-ence with Prime Minister s Spe-cial Assistant Shahbaz Gill, the adviser said that Pakistan s ex-ports touched the mark of over 25 billion during the last fiscal year and now the government has set an export target of 38.7 to 40 bil-lion dollars for the current finan-cial year.

He also said in June alone our exports were 2.7 billion dollars, while in the last month these were 2.3 billion dollars.

Abdul Razak Dawood said the export target for previous year was 25.3 billion dollars for goods and six billion dollars for the ser-vices sector.

He said the highest exports were recorded in the IT sector, which grew by 47 percent, which means that IT exports crossed the mark of two billion dollars.

“This year, we set a collective target of 38.7 billion to 40 billion dollars, which include 31.2 bil-lion dollars of goods and 7.5 bil-lion dollars for services,” he maintained.

Razak Dawood said the govern-ment is focused on export ori-ented policy; besides, pursuing a policy of Make in Pakistan to en-courage local industry and make locally produced goods interna-tionally compatible for exports.

He mentioned that Pakistan has also got an export order of 10,000 motorcycles, which was earlier standing at nil.

He said Honda company has also shown interest to shift some of its prod-ucts to Pakistan, which is an en-courage sign.

Abdul Razak Dawood said Paki-stan has also started manufactur-ing of locally made mobile phone sets, which is resulting in reduc-tion in import of mobile phones.

He expressed the belief that ex-ports of mobile phones will soon be started, which will also con-tribute in achieving the exports sector.

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