Pak, China military ties


PAKISTAN-China military and strategic relationship continues to deepen which in fact is the reflection of the strong bonds and the level of trust that exists between the two countries.

At a huddle in Beijing where Pakistani side was led by Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and the Chinese side by its Vice Chairman Central Military Commission General Zhang Youxia, the two sides reaffirmed their strategic partnership in challenging times and agreed to continue regular exchange of perspectives on issues of mutual interest.

They vowed to enhance their training, technology and counterterrorism cooperation at tri service level.

The military-to-military relations, serving as the mainstay of the China-Pakistan friendship, have played an important role in the development of bilateral relations for a long time.

The two militaries have achieved fruitful results in fields such as high-level visits, joint training and exercises and equipment technology, constantly enriching the connotation of bilateral strategic cooperation.

The joint production of JF-17 thunder fighter jets is a clear testimony of how close and trustworthy their relations are.

The Pakistani nation will always remember the support provided by China in strengthening defence capabilities.

China is not only providing modern naval warships and helping Pakistan construct the modern submarines, but has also recently provided it with J-10 fighter jets.

Pakistan is the only country to have been provided with the war planes since their induction into the Chinese military.

As both the countries harbour no aggressive designs against any other country, the deepening military ties between them will serve as an anchor for peace and stability in the region.

The level of engagement needs to be further up-scaled in order to explore more avenues of cooperation which will inject a new impetus into the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

Over the years, our defence industry has greatly evolved and gone hi-tech.

In our view it can be further strengthened by entering into joint ventures with the Chinese friends.

Since there is no dearth of capable scientists and engineers on both sides, sharing of experience in the defence production field will greatly benefit them to collectively achieve more milestones.


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