Pak-China Khunjrab crossing to be opened again temporarily from Jan 30

More than half of Chinese companies on Fortune 500 have operations in Pakistan

The Pak-China border crossing at Khunjrab Pass will be temporarily open for trade from January 30 to February 10 to facilitate transportation of necessary Pakistani supplies stuck on the Chinese side.

In the first phase, the Khunjrab Pass was temporarily opened on Tuesday and Wednesday to facilitate local trade and key hydropower projects.During these two days, heavy machinery required for development work on Diamar Bhasha Dam was passed through Khunjrab border to Sost. It included 40 truckloads, including 11 of hydropower plant equipment and 29 of livelihood supplies, according to official sources.

In the next phase, important supplies stuck in China will be allowed to cross into akistan from January 30 to February 10. A senior Pakistani official has appreciated the special efforts of border officials on both sides to ensure smooth operation despite challenging conditions. The bilateral partnership is truly All Weather and higher than the Himalayas.

It may be noted that due to the closure of the Pakistan-China border, important Pakistani supplies were stuck on the Chinese side. The diplomatic sources reveled that before the start of new Chinese year, the Khunjrab Pass was opened for the transportation of necessary items into Pakistan. Pakistan and China made special arrangements for the opening of the border on Tuesday and Wednesday. NNI