Pak-China economic, cultural exchange center to help Pakistani traders


President of Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Li Hongwu said that the China Pakistan Economic and Cultural Exchange Incubation center in Chengdu would help Pakistani traders to explore business opportunities in China.

He aims to make the center the first stop for Pakistani people when they first arrive in Southwest China. Here they can quickly get help, learn business opportunities in China, and find sale channels in China for their products, he told China Economic Net.

The chamber of commerce held the opening ceremony of China-Pakistan Economic and Cultural Exchange Incubation Center in Chengdu, China.

There is always a lack of platforms for Pak-China non-governmental exchange, and we had already planned to establish an economic and cultural exchange center for a few years.

Considering that exchange is a non-specific concept, we added the word incubation in the name. Li Hongwu told us that the center has three primary tasks.

The first is to incubate enterprises. It is hard for small Chinese entrepreneurs without experience and funds to establish companies in Pakistan. —APP

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