Pak-China coop in sorghum industry can boost up economy


Pak-China cooperation in sorghum industry can boost up local economy, Gwadar Pro reported on Sunday, quoting Experts.

Sorghum is an excellent source of food and feed, and plenty of products can be made from it, so there are ample opportunities for the sorghum industry in Pakistan with the help of China which would definitely improve Pakistan’s economy, said Dr. Qamar Shakil, Senior Scientist (Sorghum), Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Punjab.

Dr. Qamar Shakil told Gwadar Pro that mutual cooperation between the two countries can be given strength by long-term and short-term cooperation, seeking the future opportunities for expansion of sorghum production, export, and development in Pakistan. There is a need to take advantage of Chinese technology and experience under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in this field.

Since China is a major importer of Sorghum grain for manufacturing various products, there is plenty of room to expand the export of sorghum to China. Secondly, the quality of sorghum grain produced in Pakistan for the processing and extraction of different products is far better than that in some other countries.

Qamar told Gwadar Pro that the environment of Pakistan is most suitable for developing quality sorghum crops for grain, green chop, silage, haylage, and hay purposes.—INP


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