Pak Army, FC and Rescue 1122 efforts lauded

Adam Khan Wazir

During the flood disaster in Tank, the role of Pakistan Army and FC South in the relief work is no less than God’s blessing, the role of Pakistan Army in rescuing the flood affected people and moving them to safe places and providing food to them, will always be remembered in golden letters.

Where the recent floods in Tank have affected hore district, the devastations of the floods have trapped human lives, the flood ravages have destroyed houses across the district causing huge financial loss to the property of the citizens.

During natural calamities like floods where rescue 1122 and other organizations are engaged in relief work, so there the officers and soldiers of Pak Army and FC South are in the field with all their resources to help the affected people under your help. Sector Commander South is actively participating in the relief activities so that there is minimum loss to the affected families in this hour of grief,

On the other hand, after shifting the affected people to safe places by Pakistan forces and FC South, they are being provided with ration as well as cooked food While civil societies and elected local representatives are also engaged in relief work to help the flood affected people and the citizens are cooking food in their homes to help their grieving brothers and deliver it to Matanra families.


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