Pak-Afghan elders desire relaxation in crossing via Torkham border

Nasib Shah Shinwari

A grand Jirga of Afghanistan Ningarhar province comprising 50 elders met with the local elders of Landikotal at late Haji Gulab Khan Shinwari hujra on Sunday and discussed various issues and miseries facing by the local Pakhtun tribes living alongside the Pak Afghan border Torkham.

According to details a 50 members Ningarhar Jirga headed by Lal Agha Kakar and Akhtar Muhammad Shinwari visited Landikotal and met with the local Shinwari and Afridi tribes elders of Landikotal.

The Jirga elders demanded the government give relaxation to Pakthun tribesmen crossing via Pak Afghan border Torkham.

The Pak Afghan bilateral trade has been adversely affected and it has reduced to millions dollars only now a days due to poor policies of the government.

The Jirga elders criticized. The elders of Ningahar demanded the government to permit the Pakhtun tribes of Ninharhar to visit Pakistan with identity cards and exempt them from visa.

The elders also demanded that government should adopt relaxation for Afghan patients and women entering Pakistan via Torkham border.

Earlier the Landikotal political party leaders and local elders Haji Masal Khan Shinwari, Mufti Ijaz Shinwari, MPA Shafiq Sher Afridi, Shah Hussain Shinwari and Darya Khan Afridi also addressed the Jirga participants and warmly welcomed the Ninharhar elders.