PAEC excels

CHAIRMAN Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Muhammad Naeem has said that his organisation is engaged in multidisciplinary programmes for the socio-economic development of the country. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of 43rd International Nathiagali Summer College on Physics and Contemporary Needs in Islamabad, he said the PAEC is fully involved in generation of electricity by using nuclear power.
There are very few institutions and entities in Pakistan that are doing their mandated and assigned job with utmost devotion and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is, indeed, one of them. PAEC commands deep respect of the nation because of the hard work and services of its scientists, engineers and technicians who made Pakistan a nuclear power and its defence invincible. It is continuously engaged in efforts to keep the country’s nuclear deterrent relevant and robust in the face of various challenges and hurdles. It is also to be noted that with the close cooperation of China, PAEC is now contributing significantly to the national grid. Its plants are already producing over 1300 MW of electricity and completion of the on-going mega power plants in Karachi and construction of Chashma-5 would take the generation capacity closer to the target set under energy security plan 2005. It is understood that the Commission and its manpower is capable enough to meet any target and challenge but, of course, there are issues of funding and financing. However, despite all this, it was heartening to hear from the Chairman of the Commission that efforts are being made to acquire additional sites for construction of nuclear power plants in all the provinces. Here we would once again urge the Commission to focus on research and development and take steps for indigenous manufacturing of small nuclear power plants capable of meeting electricity requirements of urban centres on standalone basis.

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