Package for LoC residents



IN an important step towards addressing problems faced by our Kashmiri brothers and sisters on the Line of Control (LoC) and ensure their protection from the Indian military strikes and firing, federal government has decided to provide a package of approximately Rs 3.16b.

This amount would be utilised to build over 773 protective bunkers in addition to construction of 178 kilometres of roads. The amount of money given to families of martyrs has also been increased.

India has not only unleashed a reign of terror in occupied Jammu and Kashmir but its forces also frequently resorts to unprovoked firing on the LOC martyring innocent civilians on our side.

Just like the people of occupied territory, those living close to the ceasefire line have also shown valour by standing firm like a rock wall against the Indian escalation.

Regardless of losing their dear and near ones, these Kashmiris have not abandoned their areas.

Approximately, 185 people have been martyred and over 875 injured as a result of Indian aggression across the LOC in Azad Kashmir over the last five years. This unprovoked shelling also damages their houses and other properties including livelihoods.

All this makes it incumbent upon our government to express full solidarity with these brave Kashmiris not only in words but also take requisite steps on the ground for their protection and economic well-being.

Hence, there should not be any delay in construction of protective bunkers as per the package.

Besides there is also need to establish health and education infrastructure that fully caters to their requirements.

It is important to effectively project both on the media and world platforms the miseries of these Kashmiris caused by Indian hostilities.

It is also for the world to shun its double standard and come forward for protection of rights of Kashmiri people.


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