PAC summons Saqib Nasir, orders to put Azam Khan’s name on ECL


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday summoned former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nasir over the matter of the dam fund, while it has been ordered to put the name of former principal secretary Azam Khan in the Exit Control List (ECL).

The meeting of PAC was held today in parliament house under the chairmanship of Noor Alam Khan, during which PAC member Barjees Tahir said that regarding the advertisements of dam fund, Rs14 billion have been spent, while only Rs9 billion were collected for the cause of building dam. While another PAC member, Mushahid Hussain Syed demanded to hold the inquiry over the dam fund.

On this occasion, PAC Chairman Noor Alam Khan said that former chief justice Saqib Nasir is controversial and he is also answerable over the dam funds. While urging the Chief Justice of Pakistan to review the unconstitutional stay orders over the matter on dam funding.

While issuing the arrest warrants of former principal secretary Azam, the PAC Chairman also ordered the FIA and the interior ministry to not let Azam to travel abroad through any airport.

Subsequently, the PAC Chairman Noor also discussed the matter of Malam Jabba case, asking NAB Chairman Aftab Sultan (who was presented during the PAC meeting) to tell who closed the Malam Jabba case. In reply, Chairman Aftab Sultan said that the case was closed during the tenure of former NAB chairman Javed Iqbal.

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