PAC directs govt to ask social media big cos to open their house in Pakistan

Ijaz Kakakhel

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday directed the government to ask social media big organizations to open their offices in Pakistan immediately with a focal person for main purpose to stop anti-state statements over their respective networks.

Issuing of anti-state statements against forces and judiciary were became fashion of the day, said chairman PAC Noor Alam Khan while chairing the meeting on Thursday. The neighbor country highlighted these social media unauthentic news for the whole day, he said adding that there should be some rules for using these social media.

There will be no such statements against forces/judiciary in US, UK or even in India because they have some rules for social media networks. He regretted that there were no such legal bars on social media in Pakistan, which according to actively involved in defaming the image of Pakistan globally.

Member of the PAC Saleem Mandviwala suggested the committee to stop all social media networks until they open their offices in Pakistan and respond the government if an issue arise.

PEMRA chief informed the PAC that ministry of information and broadcasting and the regulator (Pemra) were in process of making a draft of rules for social media and after completion it will be presented in parliament for making proper laws.