PA resolution seeks action against PM under Article 6

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Assembly has passed by majority vote the resolution regarding action against Prime Minister under Article 6. The resolution was tabled in the house by Provincial Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat.

The resolution states that according to media reports, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif consulted a court fugitive in London on sensitive national issues including the appointment of the Army Chief.

The prime minister’s oath prevents him from sharing sensitive matters with an unrelated person. “Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif himself is accused in many cases, by taking this step, the Prime Minister of an imported government was found guilty of violating the constitutional provisions, article 5 and six”, stated the resolution.

Therefore, action should be taken against the Prime Minister under Article Five and Six. Raja Basharat also read the constitutional oath for the Prime Minister in the House. During his speech in the House, Mr. Raja announced that apart from the resolution, he will take further steps to take action against Shahbaz Sharif under Article Five and Six.

He expressed his surprise that the prime minister met a fugitive in the London flat which was mentioned in the Panama scandal and a case was also made against him.

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