PA dissolution to disrupt democracy



Senior Vice President Muslim League (N) Punjab and former Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed while expressing his profound concerns over the prevailing political crisis has said that the dissolution of Punjab Assembly will be a serious disruption in the democratic system of Pakistan when the country is already running through a serious financial crunch.

He was talking to a delegation headed by Chairman Attock Press Club Sheikh Faisal Javed met him after his health recovery here at his residence on Friday. On this occasion, ex-Chairman, MC Attock Mr. Nasir Mehmood Sheikh, Media Persons include Sheikh Zahoor Elahi, Mohammad Imran Zahid were also present.He said PML(N) supremo Mian Nawaz Sharif is ready to come back to his native country Pakistan very soon while Chief Organizer PML(N) Maryam Nawaz will be in Pakistan at the end of January, 2023. Highlighting the salient features of PML(N)’s previous tenure. (Raza Naqvi)