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Owners of private universities form association

Owners of private universities form association

Private universities owners have feared that if the government’s anti-education policies remained continued then their institutions will be closed down.
In a meeting of private universities owners held at University of Lahore, off Raiwind Road Lahore, they decided to form an association to protect their rights of imparting education. The meeting was attended by owners of private universities from across the Punjab. The participants expressed their concern over the anti-education policies of the government.
They believed that if government’s such policies remained intact the future of thousands of teachers and millions of students will be put at stake. All the participants unanimously nominated Dr. Professor, Ch. Abdul Rehman as president and Imran Masood as spokesperson of the association. They declared the objective of the association to make the country recognized in the field of education.
The participants were agreed on the following points of charter of the association. To take steps to bring the higher education in the access of youngsters. To make strategy to upgrade the higher education’s standards, the association will look into the irregularities present in higher education system. It will also make efforts to reform the anti education policies of the government and to struggle for the acceptance of owners legal demands.
It was decided in the meeting to put the charter of demands in front of authorities concerned in government. Participants of the meeting expressed hope that government will take their association on board while making any policies regarding higher education.


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