Owners booked in Korangi factory fire incident



A case into Korangi’s Mehran Town factory fire incident has been registered at the Korangi Industrial Area police station on Saturday.

Two owners, manager, two supervisors and watchman have been booked in the First Information Report (FIR) registered into the deadly fire incident that claimed the lives of 16 labours yesterday.

As per FIR, there was no emergency exit in the factory and there was only one entrance gate due to which incident occurred. No arrests have been made yet in the factory fire carnage.

Meanwhile, three officials of the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) were suspended for not taking action against the illegal factory built in the Korangi district of the metropolis.

On Friday, a deadly fire that broke out at a factory located in Korangi’s Mehran Town claimed the lives of 16 labours who were trapped inside the building and were burnt to death.

As per details, the assistant director SBCA deputed in city’s Korangi district, senior building inspector and building inspector have been suspended over failing to spot the presence of illegal factory.

Furthermore, a three-member committee comprising senior directors of the SBCA has been constituted to investigate the matter.

The committee will review the approved building plan and the burnt factory and will submit its report within seven days.


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