Over 51,000 Covid infected people observe quarantine in country

Staff Reporter

As Covid-19 rages into its fourth wave with lethal delta variant pervasive, at least 51,262 people have been reported to observe quarantine countrywide and 2,860 under treatment, health department sources on Saturday.

Sindh province leads with the most numbers of officially quarantined people, the sources inside the National Institute of Health (NIH) said. 33,687 Covid infected people in the province currently observe quarantine, it said.

Punjab trails Sindh with 9,738 people quarantining themselves at present after being Covid positive. 2,058 in Punjab receive medical treatment for complications arising from the virus.

The NIH sources shared the data on the status of people receiving medical treatment saying 309 of all the people countrywide are in a stable health condition while 834 are on low-flow oxygen support.

It said 1,450 of all the people getting medical support are on high-flow oxygen assistance. It also said 267 people across Pakistan are on ventilators.

On the numbers of other territories, it said KP sees 2058 people into quarantine and 2055 are quarantined in Islamabad followed by Azad Kashmir wherein 1,718 are observing isolation due to Covid infection.

Balochistan has 1,408 infected people quarantining themselves while Gilgit numbers stand at 598 at the moment, NIH sources said.

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