Over 400 illegal gas connections removed


City Reporter
The Sui Southern Gas Company’s Operation Grift has been underway in its franchise provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. The Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations team has been fighting to bring down incidences of gas theft ever since the department was set up in 2017.
SS & CGTO department of SSGC has identified over 400 residents across Sindh to be involved in gas theft, over the last couple of days. In Larkana over 42 incidences of gas theft were uncovered and appropriate action was taken against those miscreants after disconnecting the gas supply.
Another raid in at Standard and Stylish Garden, New Karachi, yielded 265 defaulter residents as culprits involved in direct theft of gas via rubber pipes. In addition 14 area calls were also found to be stealing gas.

Furthermore, a raid carried out at Blessing Paradise, Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi resulted in the identification of 96 defaulter residents who were stealing gas directly through SSGC’s service line through rubber pipes. 52 area calls were also involved in this incident. All equipment used for illegally accessing gas has been removed and taken into custody.
Further action against these culprits will be taken according to the Gas Theft and Recovery Act 2016. Efforts to eliminate gas theft from its root will intensify in future.