Orangi Nullah dredging in full swing

Staff Reporter

As part of Karachi Transformation Plan, National Logistics Cell (NLC) is working on dredging of Orangi Nullah and has so far dredged around 115000 metric tons of sludge from the clogged drain. The garbage is being dumped at landfill sites on the outskirts of the port city.

NLC has deployed 155 plant and machinery on 6.5 kilometers encroachment free areas as per requirements and are busy in cleaning operation.

As many as 15 different teams of NLC are engaged in dredging the Nullah since last week of March.

On completion of dredging process, NLC will undertake civil works including concrete lining & retaining structures, expansion and construction of culverts / bridges and laying of sewer trunks. The plan also includes construction of 30-feet wide road on either side of Nullah.

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