Opposition accuses Sindh govt of being enemy of education


The Opposition leaders in Sindh see the provincial government as totally against promotion of eeducation Haleem Adil Sheikh, Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly, has said that Sindh government is the enemy of education.

Members of opposition parties held a joint press conference in the Sindh Assembly, which was also attended by opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, Bilal Ghaffar and MQM’s Kanwar Naveed Jamil.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the job of advisor depends on lying, universities have been removed from the subordinate of the governor and now they have been subordinated to the chief minister, now even the vice chancellor is being caught taking bribe.

He said that the summary of Hyderabad University is with the Chief Minister, the Chief Minister is present in the NAB court every other day, there is criminal governance in Sindh, doctors have been recruited without tests, nepotism is taking place in Sindh Public Service Commission. ۔

On the occasion, MQM leader Kanwar Naveed said that the former PPP education minister had said that the university in Hyderabad would be built on his dead body.Nawaz Sharif has allocated funds for Hyderabad University project at our request.

Right wing members of Hyderabad have passed the resolution of the university five years ago.

The provincial government does not have to spend a single rupee on Hyderabad University.

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Kanwar Naveed Jameel said that Yahya Khan was making Karachi a separate province, our elders supported joining Sindh.

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