Opp should support govt over electoral reforms: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar termed the victory of government candidates in the Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate as a referendum against the narrative of PDM and said that the success of Sadiq Sanjarani and Mirza Muhammad Afridi is the victory of democracy.

The government has no threat from the opposition’s Long March, adding that the government is now stronger than ever.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar while talking to media representatives on Friday and in his Twitter message congratulated the Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate on their victory and said that once again the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged successful and it has once again proven that the government and its allies are strong and united.

Opposition parties should also prioritize national interest over political interests and support the government in legislation for electoral reforms.

This will further strengthen both democracy and parliament.

Replying to a question, Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said that there is no doubt that the narrative of the opposition has been rejected even in the Senate elections and the opposition should now understand that their narrative of chaos and division will never be successful.

The PTI government will easily complete its constitutional term and the general elections will be held on time.

“I once again advise the opposition to rise above the politics of long marches and rallies and play a democratic role inside and outside the Parliament.”

Ch Sarwar said that we are also thankful to the allies of the government who have given their full support to ensure the success of the government candidates for the posts of Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Senate. We will move forward along with our allies on every forum, he added.