Opp seeks delay of intermediate examination for 45 days

Ijaz Kakakhel

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday demanded of the government to delay the annual intermediate examinations because the students were not given proper time for preparation and teaching of courses due to Covid-19 restriction.

Through a call attention notice the PML-N legislators Ahsan Iqbal, Dr Darshan, Khawaja Saad Rafique raise the issue regarding announcement to take intermediate examinations on short notice without completing the syllabus, causing grave concern amongst the public.

Above from politics, Ahsam Iqbal said that United Kingdom has cancelled their examinations with a plea that equal opportunities were not provided to all students.

Same is the case of Pakistan, where students from different areas were not gave equal opportunities. In some areas there was no internet facilities, then how they will learn and complete his/her study.

He said that the smart syllabus could not cover everything, e.g. if a student fail in one subject, will be consider as fail in other subject also, which is not a desirable solution.

He demanded of the government to delay the exams by 45 days because in current situation, merit will not be ensured.

Speaking on the occasion, Kh Saad Rafiq said as it is a matter future generation, therefore, he appeal that the exam should be delay and in this regard a detail discussion should be held in federal ministry for education.

Both the PML-N leaders also advised the government to immediately release the arrested students, who were arrested during protest demonstration for delay of intermediate examinations.

Dr Darshan asked the speaker to give his ruling for detail discussion on this issue in the ministry of education along with all stakeholders.

He said first of all teach the students and then take examination from them. In presence of prolong power load shedding, how the students would appear in the exams.

Responding to the quarries of PML-N legislators, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry for Professional Education Wajiha Akram said the due date of examination was March but due to covid-19 restriction, it was not held.

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