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Constitutional controversy


The President has powers to announce schedule under Section 57 of Election Act, 2017, with consultation of the Election Commission but this power could be exercised only if the general election is going to take place. While in the present situation, the National Assembly and two provincial assemblies are intact and, therefore, it cannot be called a general election. Thus the letter addressed by the President to Election Commission under sections 57 and 58 would not have binding effect.

The President though has powers to announce the schedule under Section 57 of the Election Act, 2017 with consultation of Election Commission but this power could be exercised only if the general election is going to take place, which in the present situation, the National Assembly and two provincial assemblies are intact and, therefore, it could not be said as general election, thus the letter addressed by the President to Election Commission under sections 57 and 58 would not have binding effect.

Article 105 of the constitution in the present situation is very much relevant which states that if a provincial assembly is dissolved before its legal term, the governor will announce the date for fresh election. There is no doubt in the relevant constitutional provisions that in case the assembly completes its natural term, election would take place in 60 days, and in case the assembly is dissolved before its legal term, the elections would be held in 90 days. The caretaker government simultaneously on the other side cannot go beyond the period of 90 days and is also responsible to provide support to the Election Commission for free, fair and transparent elections in the two provinces, Punjab and KP.

Any delay in holding the election beyond 90 days would be a clear violation of the Constitution and would set a bad precedent for the future. Though in the first round the matter for holding the election in Punjab has been decided by the Lahore High Court, and still the matter is intact, and both sides have further appeals and petitions including in Supreme Court, therefore, now the whole constitutional controversy would be finally settled by the Supreme Court being the final arbitrator for interpretation of the Constitution.



Huge economic setback


The incumbent government is facing several challenges such as economic, political and social. Of them, the economic challenge prevails at the top. Pakistan’s economy is tightening due to manifold reasons. First, failure to sustain the GDP growth, for which credit goes to the IMF. Second, the prevailing lack of political instability in Pakistan. Unfortunately, all political parties are waging war with one another on compromising national issues. Third, the lack of tax collections is also one major reason for the economic dwindling.

According to an American think tank, “Pakistan is ranked 34th among 39 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and its overall score is below the regional and world averages. Pakistan’s economic freedom score is 48.8, making its economy the 153rd freest in the 2022 index.” This report depicts the economic catastrophe. All political parties should gather on one platform for the sake of the country irrespective of political bigotry. Moreover, the informal economy should be regulated to contribute to GDP growth. Finally, serious actions are needed to come out of economic crisis.



Population of Pakistan

Due to a high increase in the population, Pakistan is facing serious challenges like shortage of water, electricity, job opportunities, public transportation, health, education, law and order and other social issues are prevailing in the society.

Overpopulation is a big threat for Pakistan. China has reduced the birth rate and controlled the growth rate of population in a decent way. The current population of Pakistan is about 210 million and it is expected that the population of Pakistan can cross 300 million by 2050 which is an alarming situation.

Major reasons for the increase in population are: (i) Lack of women Empowerment, (ii) Poor response of Population Dept, (iii) Increasing rate of illiteracy among the masses, (iv) Imbalance between death and birth rate, (v) Lack of family planning, (vi) Strong religious beliefs. (vii) Technological advancement in fertility treatment and (viii) Increase in immigrants and refugees etc.

According to new trends and technology, the increased population with a high rate is dangerous for Pakistan. It is time that new reforms may be introduced for family planning and awareness may be created among the masses regarding the disadvantages of overpopulation. After reducing the rate of birth, we can uplift the socio-economic conditions of the people of Pakistan.



Not fit for office

It is appalling that President Mnangagwa was never fit for the office. It is insane to think that the President of Zimbabwe and his ZANU PF government can transform the fortune of the country. President Mnangagwa has destroyed Zimbabwe to the extent that ordinary citizens say Robert Mugabe was better as he had, at least, a sense of humour in all his dirty games.

President Mnangagwa was Robert Mugabe’s right hand man, when Mugabe was betrayed and removed from power by Mnangagwa, who has allowed a lot of corruption happening in his government, unlawful arrest of political activists, misuse of power using uniformed forces and threatening the opposition members using state resources .

The world should put pressure on the Zimbabwean government to change democratically. The world should not remain silent about bad things happening in Zimbabwe but should voice their concerns and expose the mismanagement of Zimbabwe by President Mnangagwa and his government. The President of Zimbabwe should not act as if he is blind to see the apparent extensive damage that the country is going through. His inability and incapacity are crystal clear which eloquently means he should be dumped into the dustbin of history.


United Kingdom

Box letter

Harassment & mental health

Harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation. Unwanted sexual behaviour and harassing comments which may relate to identity, race or gender can have effects on mental health. In Pakistan many women face this situation very much which include unwanted touch, unwanted attention or unwanted comments. Most of the harassment cases occur in public and workplaces. Even we females are not secure in our homes. Repeated harassment can lead to poor emotional, mental and physical health outcomes due to which many females commit suicide. This leads to trauma, depression and anxiety or symptoms related to post traumatic stress disorder in females. Almost 4276 cases in 2020 were reported and almost 2078 but some of the cases are still unknown as some of the females don’t speak about it openly due to the society’s pressure. Considering myself I may have faced many situations like that in markets or even in my house that I cannot talk about openly. Due to this insecurity our families don’t allow us to go out alone. I hope that the organisations working for the security of females would take some tangible steps to control the menace. And I hope Pakistan becomes a secure country for every female living here.